We are the Intelligent Enterprise (TIE), an independent information agency for organisations who want to select a new Cloud ERP solution and be connected to our ecosystem of Intelligent Enterprise experts. TIE does not sell ERP software, but we do provide our visitors the best, impartial advice to help your selection process and put you in touch with the right partner, with experience in your industry, to work with for these exciting new technologies.

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Intelligent Enterprises use integrated data to succeed in their sector

A truly intelligent enterprise understands that knowledge is power. They use integrated data to inform every aspect of their business from ERP to customer experience and by harnessing the full potential of intelligent technologies, they stay ahead of their competitors and succeed.

Intelligent Enterprises are built on insight

Becoming an Intelligent Enterprise means knowing what’s happening in the business and why. New technology allows business leaders to gather vital real-time insights into stakeholder experience and business operations.

Intelligent Enterprises are built on insight

Why become an Intelligent Enterprise?

Business leaders everywhere are realising that their legacy systems cannot deliver the continual innovation they need to stay ahead. Moving to an Intelligent Enterprise model can help your business:

Improve revenue by 5 -10% through greater insight into what customers want.

Deliver a step-change in productivity, with potential improvement in shared-services productivity of 25 -50%.

Massively reduce maintenance costs, machine downtime and inventory carry costs.

Engage, retain and develop your workforce through a deep understanding of their experience.

Improve efficiency by eliminating repetitive tasks and automating workflows.

Predict outcomes and develop new business models to continually drive growth

Engaging now gives your business the crucial head-start on your competitors, plus the agility to tackle the wave of new digital technologies set to transform business and society.

Cloud ERP

The Intelligent Enterprise is closer than you think

Having a robust Cloud ERP is the bedrock on which you build a truly Intelligent Enterprise

Build your organisation's map to the Intelligent Enterprise to evaluate where your organisation stands today, and discover opportunities to continue your journey.

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The right path to Intelligent Enterprise

Becoming an Intelligent Enterprise isn't like flicking a switch. Instead, it’s a journey — one that requires careful planning to ensure the optimal solutions for your business. That’s why it’s vital to find a supplier willing to work with you, understand your priorities and help you select the best available system.

TIE have a proven track record in connecting enterprises of all sizes reap the benefits from new technologies. We’re here to help you find the right path to Intelligent Enterprise by using Cloud ERP, avoiding false starts and expensive pitfalls along the way.

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