Support Services In All The Right Places

In this blog post, Aaron looks at how businesses are not just looking for technology anymore. They’re looking for a comprehensive, robust offering that encompasses technology, service and support in order to gain a significant competitive advantage. Read on to find out what businesses should be looking for when procuring support services.


Technology was once a key differentiator for businesses, but now with recent technology developments levelling the playing field, it can be difficult to understand which software solutions are right for your business. As more and more businesses invest in financial management technologies, they’re looking for ways to optimise their solutions, by extending the value they derive and maximising the potential of their technology to get a clear head and shoulders above the competition.

More businesses are looking to software partners to provide the extra value, with many searching for additional services to unlock the true potential of their solutions. As such, businesses are no longer just buying technology (with buying on price no longer good enough) but a whole package of technology, service and support, which encompasses an entire business process. Software combined with a comprehensive, robust support offering that delivers a tangible ROI while reducing complexity, increases efficiency and provides that all-important competitive advantage.

The best support packages are no longer solely responsible for system fixes and technical management, but instead represent software partners who add real value to a business. So, what should businesses be looking for in a support provision?


Maximise uptime

Well, 24/7, multilingual support is almost a given in our global economy so it’s important to look beyond this. What you need is a dedicated support team, not consultants who might be used elsewhere in the business, but a group of experts who are available to your business whenever necessary. With so many systems now mission-critical, businesses simply can’t afford to take a chance with slower than average response times or having to wait for call-backs from consultants who are busy working on other areas of the business.


System knowledge

It’s not just the speed of support that’s important but the quality of support, too. For certain software providers, the support team can be used as a training ground for employees, exposing them to the many and varied issues that customers experience. While useful for software providers, what this can mean is a lack of experience and expertise within the support team, which obviously is far from ideal for customers. A good support team should be comprised of experienced, professional and knowledgeable experts, who have excellent product and systems knowledge as well as experience of the particular industries their customers are operating in so they can help with the specific challenges that customers face on a daily basis. It’s only with this knowledge that support teams can understand and successfully resolve even the most complex of queries and problems.


Maximise system functionality

Similarly, support no longer involves merely solving fixes, with software partners required to go further than this, supplementing in-house abilities with their extensive knowledge and experience. The right partner is well-placed to advise how businesses can enhance and improve the user experience, getting the maximum benefit for the entire business from their chosen technology. With businesses often quick to implement new systems, they don’t always use the full functionality from the outset. But, with the right support in place, this can come with time, with expert advice and guidance enabling customers to exploit the full potential of their systems, making the most of all functions and features to take their business to the next level.

In a business world where software alone is no longer enough to keep you one step ahead of the competition, the right level of support has the ability to act as a key business differentiator. Guided by knowledgeable experts, businesses can use their software to lay the foundations for further business development, safe in the knowledge that they’re extracting maximum value from their chosen solutions, future-proofing their software investment and making a real difference to the bottom line. For more information about Sapphire support services contact us.


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