5 Things You Didn’t Know About SAP Business ByDesign

In our conversations with either existing customers or prospects, we find that even when they’ve heard of SAP or maybe even SAP Business One as a suitable solution for their company, they are not always really sure of what SAP Business ByDesign is, what it does, how it’s different from other products in the market, and the long list of features it brings to the table. Based on the things people are most surprised to hear, we’ve gathered a list of the five things you probably don’t know about SAP Business ByDesign, and why it may be just what you were looking for in your business.


1. Scalability
Every business aims to grow, and with SAP Business ByDesign you can keep the same tool from a small, single entity operation to a larger, multi-entity global enterprise. If you’re in the realm of the thousands of users, you’re also most likely running an international operation. SAP Business ByDesign can seamlessly adapt to different tax regulations, languages, and currencies in over 120 countries so that your entire team is integrated into one system that has real-time updates and access to the same information (one single truth) from anywhere.

2. Born in the cloud
Unlike many other solutions which have been adapted in order to fit a cloud landscape, SAP Business ByDesign was born in the cloud with the Software as a Service (SaaS) model that so many individuals and enterprises have been opting for recently. And whether you’re looking to host your data in a private or public cloud, you can use either landscape to deploy the system according to your preferences. This also means that your system gets automatic quarterly updates when they’re rolled out by SAP, and it’s probably the most seamless way to get your team integrated and your operations centralized quickly. It’s basically the Gen Z of software products.

3. Fit for every role
Because ByDesign comes with pre-built best in class business modules designed to fit the needs of today’s managers, executives, and directors to run their processes, it’s incredibly versatile right out of the box whether you’re the head of ITmanaging finances, or a member of the C-suite.

4. ByDesign makes project management easier, by design
If effective communication, silos, and managing deadlines are some of the obstacles preventing your company from achieving its potential, SAP Business ByDesign can be the solution you’ve been looking for. Its planning tools and management flow enables all lines of business to integrate and collaborate like never before, making this solution a dream for project managers all around the world.

5. Professional services win big with ByDesign
Considering the fact that 2020 has laid the groundwork for an increase in the gig economy and solidified the case for multiple income streams, companies within the professional services industry can greatly benefit from a tool that enables them to run every aspect of their operations fully integrated. ByDesign makes it possible to comprehensively control every area of the business and manage sales, CRM, and accounting all in one place, making the end-to-end service experience seamless for both the business and its customers.


There is a new feature to discover at every turn with SAP Business ByDesign, and it’s no wonder over 4,000 organizations have successfully deployed it with the help of our team of experts at Sapphire Systems.

You can get access to the entire Info Kit we have put together with the leading questions from our user base containing solution briefs, fact sheets, demos and case studies by filling out the form here, getting you a step closer to understanding the features SAP Business ByDesign can bring to your company. If you need any other information to help you make the decision to leverage the tool small and midsize businesses are using to turn their companies into intelligent enterprises, get in touch with our team.



This article was written by Aleksandra Karp – for Sapphire Systems