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Business leaders globally are initiating changes proactively and becoming the first ones to move instead of being followers – designing the future instead of reacting to it.

We are TIE, a complimentary information hub connecting organisations to the best solutions driving digital transformation, to help business leaders who are initiating projects to become an intelligent enterprise.

Created for one reason – to give you a shortlist of possible solutions for your business. We provide expert, impartial and completely free advice.  

Our elite team of intelligent enterprise experts will make your research easy, saving you valuable sourcing time.

Begin your journey with our advice and end by becoming an intelligent enterprise.

We want to help you cut out the clutter and put you in direct contact with our elite ecosystem of vendors and partners, offering the best of breed, intelligent solutions, which are most suited to match your industry and digital transformation requirements.

There is no obligation to choose who we suggest, but we are sure they will be a front runner in your research and selection process.

Our intention is to help improve your business, not to direct you to a technology or partner at random – but to put you in touch with the right partner and technology to fit your requirements to create immediate and sustainable value for your company at the early stages of your research.

Intelligent technologies are the future and valuable tools that most organisations can use to assist their company’s digital transformation. These solutions offer adaptability, high return on investment, and affordability.

The net global spending on digital transformation is expected to increase to more than $2 trillion by 2022. Furthermore, a staggering 79% of companies admit that COVID-19 has increased the budget for digital transformation.

Once we know the challenges and background into your business, we can connect you with our very best of breed partners and technologies to address your technology requirements. We only work with the best at what they do, ensuring you get the help you need for your organisation.

It’s time to talk about your journey to becoming an Intelligent Enterprise.

We’re here to help you find the right path to becoming an Intelligent Enterprise, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our elite team of experts.

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